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How to Build a Nuclear Powered Boat

In a world of nuclear war, the future is in nuclear engineering.It’s the art of building a boat

How to Get an Electrical Engineer Degree at UCSC

The electrical engineering department at UCS is renowned for producing top-notch engineers.They have

“The Electromagnetic and Photonic Industry: The Next Generation of High Performance Industrial Products”

From a manufacturing perspective, we have seen electric vehicles and other forms of high performance

Torqeeda: A ‘Smart Electric Engine’

A Torqeda Electric Engine is a hybrid electric powertrain that combines two electric motors to produc

Cornell and Yale graduate team develops new ‘electrical interface’ that’s more flexible and adaptable

Cornell and Yale University engineers have developed a new kind of electrical interface that could be

How an electric start works

A new model that uses a motor and batteries to propel an electric car has been developed by researche

How to build your own battery in 3 minutes or less

In this video, learn how to build a lithium ion battery with an embedded battery bank and charger.You

Military Electric Fan Engine, Electrical Engineer and Electrical Engineer College graduates are going to get more jobs

Military electric fan engines, electrical engineers and electrical engineers graduates will receive m

Why the electric vehicle is so big, says Tesla CEO

By Amitabh Kant”If it was just the car, then the company would have done it,” says Amitab

Which of these is the worst electrical engineering joke?

Posted December 12, 2018 10:07:00 This is a question that has been posed to us a number of times over