A man says he’s been banned from Facebook after making a joke about his hair

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A California man says his Facebook account has been suspended after he made a joke at his own expense about the hair he had recently grown.

Adam Smith, who is based in the US, said on his personal Facebook page that he’d “had a little hair growth in the past few days and had grown out a little bit.”

“So my friends said, ‘Hey, you’ve got a beard,’ so I said, “Adam Smith.

“‘What’s that?’

They said,’It’s like a beard.’

Adam Smith said, “‘It’s kind of like a mustache.'”

Adam Smith told ABC News that his account was suspended on Friday, which he attributed to Facebook’s “community standards team” after his account had been shared hundreds of times.

Facebook told ABCNews that the account had not been flagged as a “hate crime” by the company.

Facebook also told ABC that the “community team” that flagged Smith’s account had never contacted the account.”

It’s a terrible, horrible mistake that they made,” Smith told the ABC.”

I don’t think anybody would have even thought of banning me, if I’d made a mistake like that.

And I hope Facebook takes a more thoughtful approach.

“Smith’s account was last updated on Thursday, when he shared an image of a shirt that read: “I got a new haircut, and it’s like… well, you can’t tell.

The cut looks like my hair.

“The shirt was quickly taken down, but not before Smith’s posts gained thousands of likes and shares.ABC News reached out to Facebook for comment but did not receive a response by publication time.

Smith’s post on Friday came after a video of Smith was shared on Facebook on Sunday, which the social media giant has since removed.

In the video, Smith’s friend, who identified herself as a man, asked if Smith was “a good guy”.”

I was just trying to make a joke and I just said, you’re so funny,” Smith responded.

Smith was also asked if he had a beard and replied, “yes.””

But I like to be a gentleman, so I’ll be honest, it was a joke,” Smith added.ABCNews contacted Smith’s employer, the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of California, Berkeley, but he did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

But if he’s not, he needs to be more disciplined about how he’s going to handle this and be more careful with his words.”ABC News’ James Cogan contributed to this report.