A new type of electrical engineering circuit has been invented that could help the UK achieve a cleaner, more energy-efficient future

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Bose’s ElectroMagnet has been described as “the world’s first electro-optical electrical engineering component”, which will help to power a range of electrical and mechanical devices from laptops to industrial robots.

The company has developed a prototype of the “super-sensitive” circuit, which uses a magnetic field to generate a force that can be measured.

The ElectroMagnetic Circuit (EMC) is the latest in a long line of research efforts by Bose to develop new and more efficient electrical and magnetic systems.

Bose hopes that the new technology will enable a cleaner and more energy efficient future. 

It is hoped that the EMC will be used in industrial applications as well as commercial applications, with applications ranging from electronics to computer power. 

Bose said the new prototype of its ElectroMagNet system has been created using a “quantum quantum mechanical” process that allows it to be placed in a material that is both electrically and mechanically conductive.

It is believed the company’s new system could help to provide more power to electrical and electronic devices that are being used more than ever today. 

“This project is a step forward in the advancement of electro-electrical, magnetic, and optical systems, and we are looking forward to a future where we can build a fully integrated, super-sensitive, high-performance electrical and magnetically conductive electronics platform,” Bose chief executive Andrew Wohlfahrt said. 

He added that the company had already received a £10 million grant from the UK Government to help fund the development of the new system.

“In future, we expect that a wider range of applications will be possible with the EMCap technology,” he said.

“We are hopeful that the UK will be able to produce and install this system within the next few years.” 

Bearley-based Bose is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech components that power more than 150 products, including cars, laptops, smartwatches and drones. 

The company is one of the worlds leading suppliers of power, electronics and communications products to the automotive, aerospace and consumer sectors.