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Electric engine is the future of driving

In the early 1970s, a German engineer named Martin Schuster came up with an idea: A car that was elec

Northwestern Electrical Engineering to hire more employees as part of $15.5M hiring initiative

BOMBSHELL, N.M. (AP) Northwestern University Electrical Engineering will hire more than 1,400 enginee

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NASA’s electrical engineer on a trip to the Moon

NASA’s electric engineer on her first mission to the moon, working on the design and constructi

Harvard Electrical Engineering student dies in accident after electric car crash

A Harvard Electrical and Computer Engineering student died Sunday after an accident involving an elec

Which state should you live in?

New research suggests that living in a state that has a high number of electricity generating station

When is a new electric engine motor on the market?

With electric cars making up a growing portion of the auto market, electric motors are gaining popula

When do electrical engineers learn about ‘electricity?

ELECTRIC ENGINEERING QUOTES “Electricity is energy.”— James F. Byrnes, Professor of Ele

When did it get to be too hot for a football game?

It has been almost three months since Italy’s Serie A club AC Milan announced that it was cance

The best and worst places to build a nuclear reactor

Posted April 25, 2018 08:48:10 Nuclear power stations are often considered the best place to build nu