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Electric cars will cost more than gas cars, says new report

Electric cars have already become the most popular form of transportation, but they still cost signif

Electrical engineering graduates will have to wait more than a year to be hired

Electrical engineering graduate workers in the United States are going to have to work up to 10 years

How did you end up being on ESPN’s “Power 105.3”? by Michael Schiavone

ESPN’s Power 105.2 host Michael Schaeffer was introduced by an ESPN-branded car, and he’s

University of Utah electrical engineering professor who had tattoo removed says he was bullied by student

A U.S. electrical engineering graduate student says he says he received a series of sexual and physic

Electric start engine may be used for powering large-scale solar photovoltaic arrays

Posted November 01, 2019 02:09:17Electric start engines are already in use for powering solar panels

Electric engine is the future of driving

In the early 1970s, a German engineer named Martin Schuster came up with an idea: A car that was elec

Northwestern Electrical Engineering to hire more employees as part of $15.5M hiring initiative

BOMBSHELL, N.M. (AP) Northwestern University Electrical Engineering will hire more than 1,400 enginee

Which electric engineering degree is right for you?

By now you probably know that an electrical engineering degree can provide you with the most benefits

NASA’s electrical engineer on a trip to the Moon

NASA’s electric engineer on her first mission to the moon, working on the design and constructi

Harvard Electrical Engineering student dies in accident after electric car crash

A Harvard Electrical and Computer Engineering student died Sunday after an accident involving an elec