Electrician intern charged with killing 2 students in Flint, Michigan

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Two electrical engineers from Michigan’s Flint have been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of two Flint children, according to police.

Authorities said that 23-year-old Brandon Thomas, of Flint, was charged Thursday with second degree murder, second-bond felony murder, and felony second-strike.

Thomas faces a possible life sentence if convicted, and a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted of murder.

The charges were announced in a news conference on Friday afternoon.

Thomas, who had worked for the city of Flint since February 2016, has been a Flint police officer since May 2018.

Thomas’ attorney, Andrew Hitt, said he would comment on the charges at a news briefing.

Authorities are searching for three other men who they said had a relationship with Thomas before the murders.

The men, identified as Andrew Alexander Johnson, 30, Anthony Allen White, 23, and William Scott Pomeroy, 22, are being sought by authorities.

Authorities say that in late June 2016, a friend of the two Flint school children asked Thomas to move into their apartment, and he moved to the apartment of Thomas’ ex-girlfriend, who he had previously dated.

Authorities say the three men began to talk and that Thomas asked them to help him get a firearm.

Pomeroy and Alexander moved to a house where Thomas lived with his mother and another friend.

Thomas told authorities that he went to Pomeroys house and that he killed his ex-friend.

He told investigators that Pomeroya was a drug dealer and that Alexander told him that he had killed a person.

Pomeroyle and Alexander were arrested on Thursday and are being held without bond.

Pomoy and White have each been charged as an adult.

The third man is charged as a juvenile and has not yet been charged.