Gulf Electric Engineering: Electric motorcycle engine

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A Florida-based electric motorcycle engine company is offering training on how to build a high-performance electric motorcycle, an engine that can propel a motorcycle up to 120 mph.

The company, called GESI Electric Motor, has installed dozens of electric motorcycle engines on its roads and has tested them on dozens of cars, but its newest model is the first to be powered by an electric motor.

It’s built on an engine called the GES-16, a high performance, electric motorcycle that uses a hybrid motor and battery to produce electricity.

The engine’s unique design allows it to accelerate quickly and burn fuel at much higher speeds than conventional motorcycles.GESI is offering the training through a company called Electric Motor Training.

“It’s really a hybrid engine,” said John Lacy, president of GESIs parent company, GESi Electric Motor.

“It’s very lightweight, but it also has all of the safety features that a traditional motorcycle does.”

Electric motorcycles are a growing segment of the motorcycling market, and the training will provide the company’s first-ever students with an understanding of how to make one.

“When you think about the amount of energy that can be produced by a battery, a motorcycle’s a good way to get that energy,” said Lacy.

“This is really just a way to give them an idea of how it works.”

The company is also offering the course in Spanish and German.

The GES team is also building a motorcycle that can run on batteries and other renewable energy sources.

“The goal is to make it so that you can have a real alternative energy,” Lacy said.GECI has built a motorcycle using an engine from a battery and an electric generator.

It could be powered at home or at a service station.

Electric motorcycle training in the U.S. has been limited by federal regulations, including the Clean Power Plan.

The U.K.-based electric vehicle manufacturer, Leaf, plans to build its first electric motorcycle in 2021.

A similar training program is being offered in Germany.

The course covers the entire range of the combustion engine, but is focused on electric motorcycles and hybrid cars.

The training program for GES is part of a larger push by electric vehicle companies to provide electric motorcycle training.

Electric motorcycles have become an increasingly popular option for drivers to make the transition to electric vehicles.

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) estimates there are about 10,000 electric motorcycles in the country.

The GESU training program offers GECI’s electric motorcycle program a chance to help make its products more appealing to drivers and to the public.

“We really believe that electric motorcycles are the future of transportation,” said GES founder and CEO, Joe Lacy of the GEC-16 electric motorcycle.

“If you’re a driver who wants to drive, the GEV is a great alternative.”

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