GW electrical engineering students and staff join the Powerwall 2 project

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GW electrical engineers are joining the PowerWall 2 project in New York to complete the first Powerwall system for use on rooftops in the US.GW is building the system to replace older, less efficient systems and replace them with Powerwalls with higher performance and better reliability.

It has been four years since a Powerwall failed in a storm and a year since the system failed in the UK, and the first of its kind has been built in the U.S. GW says that it is also building the Powerwall 2 to help improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.GW says the system is designed to operate at higher temperatures, with solar panels and geothermal energy to power it.

The Powerwall is designed for residential use and it will have the capacity to store 100,000 kWh. 

Gw says the first batch of Powerwals will be deployed in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia by 2019. 

A Powerwall in a photo from the Power WALL Project.

Gw will also have Powerwall-1s built in other states and cities in 2019.

Gwen Dutton, director of technology development for GW, said the PowerWalls are designed to offer the highest performance in the most efficient, energy efficient devices on the market, but also to be safe and secure. 

“We know that in an energy crisis the most effective solution is the least expensive,” Dutton said. 

We are using the world’s most advanced materials and processes to make the most energy efficient products available to the marketplace.” 

The PowerWalling has an array of sensors that will monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and the electrical and mechanical properties of the home. 

The sensors will provide the first look at the interior of homes as well as help to improve the reliability of the system. 

Dutton said the sensors will measure a range of things including airflow and humidity, light and heat, air temperature and electrical current. 

 “It is not about being the most sophisticated or powerful device in the world, it is about being a solution to the problem, the problem being a failure of our home,” she said.”

We believe the most important thing about the Powerwidalls is their ability to monitor and measure the electrical system.” 

 Gwen added that the system will be connected to a power grid. 

She said the technology will be flexible and scalable and the data will be collected and used to improve existing systems. 

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