How did you end up being on ESPN’s “Power 105.3”? by Michael Schiavone

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ESPN’s Power 105.2 host Michael Schaeffer was introduced by an ESPN-branded car, and he’s been a regular at the studio since 2007.

He was recently asked by a viewer to explain why he thinks the network is the best in sports.

Schaeffer, who has been with ESPN since the mid-2000s, answered:I just think ESPN is one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

There are other organizations that are stronger, and ESPN is probably the strongest organization in the sports world.

ESPN is the most important voice in the American sports landscape.ESPN, in a statement to TheWrap, said Schaeffe’s answer was “unfortunate” and that he would not be working on the show.

He has been on a few different sports shows since his retirement in 2012.

He is currently a guest on the “Outside the Lines” podcast and has appeared on ESPN2’s “Inside the NFL.”