How Tesla can be the first electric car to be certified to be on the road

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Electric cars will have to undergo more rigorous testing than traditional vehicles to be officially licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The Transportation Department said Thursday that Tesla, a California company, will need to demonstrate the vehicles have met the strict standards that will be required for them to be used on the nation’s roads.

But Tesla will have some time to prove its cars are ready to be allowed on the roads before the agency takes action.

Tesla will first have to pass a safety test that involves driving through a series of simulated crashes.

In order to be considered for certification, electric vehicles must meet some key specifications.

For example, Tesla must be able to drive at speeds between 30 and 80 miles per hour, have a battery that can last three hours, and be able drive from one place to another within a 50-mile radius.

There will be one other certification test that will also have to be passed, which will determine whether the vehicles can handle the high-voltage power required to drive a full-size electric car.

So, if the Tesla test passes, the company will be on track to have the first of its vehicles on the highway by the end of the year.