How to get an electrical engineering degree at NYU

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NYU electrical engineering students, some with advanced degrees, are hoping to get their hands on a big-name college electrical engineering program soon.

The university’s graduate-student program, in which a doctoral degree is required, is in its 10th year and aims to increase enrollment by about 300 students.

The goal is to hire 100 faculty members and about 50 graduate students.

“It is not a perfect solution, but it is definitely a good start,” said graduate student Jelani K. Hochstein, 19, of New York.

The school is looking for students who have the knowledge and skills to teach undergraduate electives in a number of different areas including electrical engineering and computer science, as well as engineering technology, industrial design, manufacturing and systems engineering.

There are currently no graduate electrical engineering programs in the United States.

But a program that has been around for several years has seen a dramatic increase in enrollment.

The program has been a success, said John R. Schindler, dean of NYU’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, but he’s concerned about the future.

The NYU graduate program has a budget of $40 million.

He said he hopes to double the number of students this fall and in 2019.

“We have a huge opportunity for new students coming in, but we also have a big challenge,” Schindling said.

“The numbers are not as high as we would like to have them be.”

More students applying to the program mean more students enrolled, Schindlers said.

The university is also trying to recruit a few more faculty members to fill out the graduate-level curriculum.

That could be difficult for some faculty members, who are not familiar with the requirements.

“I don’t want to be a faculty member that’s sitting in the classroom, doing nothing but studying,” said Raghu Srinivasan, director of undergraduate studies at the school.

“I want to do research, but I also want to teach.”

The university is offering a three-year bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

There is also a three year graduate degree.

The program is a hybrid program that teaches electives from both graduate and undergraduate courses.

There are also electives offered in applied science and engineering.

Students also take a laboratory course and an elective that focuses on electrical engineering concepts.

The goal of the program is to increase student enrollment by at least 100 students this year and by about 30 students in 2019, said Kunal Bhadrakumar, director for undergraduate engineering.

He expects the number to reach about 300 this year.

“Our hope is that we will be able to recruit another 25 to 35 students in the coming years, and the number will increase as more students come in,” Bhadraksumar said.

For now, there are more than 50 students enrolled in the program, with some from other parts of the world, according to a spokeswoman.

Hochstein said he is grateful for the attention he’s getting.

“To be able learn something and be able teach something is an amazing feeling,” he said.

“If I can learn something new and learn something useful, I’m going to be able use that.”