How to train for an electrical engineering apprenticeships in India

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India’s Electrical Engineering Internship Program has launched a nationwide apprenticeship program for students who are interested in becoming an electrical engineer.

The programme, which is called Internship India, has been launched to promote entrepreneurship and technology innovation among students and teachers, as well as boost the country’s economic growth.

It has also sought to boost the number of people in the field of electrical engineering.

Students will be taught by teachers from around the country to apply their technical knowledge in a variety of industries and to help with project management and project planning, said the National Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NEEE) in a statement.

The program is expected to launch in 2020.

It is the latest initiative of the NEEE and the Indian Institute of Science and Technology (IISc), which aims to attract students from around 150 countries for an internship in engineering.

According to the IISc, the program aims to train students in engineering, design, operations, information technology, finance, business, and engineering management.

The IISs website said, “The internship is aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of the students in the fields of electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering.”

India has a large number of electrical engineers who are employed in various sectors, including power, transport, and the construction sector.

The National Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NICEE) has also launched a similar programme for engineering graduates from the Indian Institutes of Technology (iITs), Bengaluru and Hyderabad.