IBM: Electric drive engineers won’t be hired

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IBM has been a leading manufacturer of electric drive equipment, but the electric vehicle maker has been under pressure to hire electric drive engineers for some time.

A group of researchers and engineers in Silicon Valley is now asking for the same thing from the company.

The electric drive group at IBM Research has published a petition to the company asking for an equal number of electric vehicle engineers and engineers of other industries to be hired at the company, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The group has also asked the company to set up a fund for hiring electric drive experts, according the report.

“The petition is a request that we do not see any shortage of engineers, as there are plenty of other areas where electric drive has a significant impact on the future of automotive,” the group wrote in the petition.

“A more balanced mix of engineers would be a good place to start.”

The petition has received more than 1,400 signatures, according a report from Bloomberg.

The petition was created by the researchers at IBM and includes a list of engineers and companies that should be hired to work on electric drive technology, such as electric power, transmission, transmission equipment and fuel cell powertrain development.

It also asks for the hiring of a research manager for the company’s electric drive division, the team said in the document.

“It is our view that the hiring should be made to reflect a diversity of viewpoints within the industry,” the researchers wrote.

“We hope this petition will help spur discussion about the issues raised by the petition.”

The group has a list in place to encourage other researchers to join the petition, which includes an online poll asking whether people would like to see more electric drive employees.