The first-ever Australian-built electric train will begin operating in 2019

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The first electric train has started operating in Sydney, according to the first passenger train to operate in the capital.

Key points:The train is the world’s first to be powered by electricitySource: ABC News Network”This is the first electric service we have in Sydney and it’s exciting for us to see how it’s going to benefit people’s lives,” Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian said.

“The people of Sydney are going to be able to use this train to move more quickly and efficiently between the CBD and the suburbs, and we’re also going to have a much more efficient and efficient train service between the city and the rural parts of the state.”

“It’s going be really exciting for people who live in the inner-city and the CBD to be on the trains and be able move around the city,” she said.

Ms Berejiskian said the train’s power was derived from the city’s power network, which includes the City of Sydney’s power plant and the Sydney Waterworks.

“This train is going to change how the city operates, and how people get around,” she told ABC Radio Sydney.

“It also means that we can take our trains out of the CBD, and use them to go to our remote rural areas.”

She said the trains were going to begin operating on January 1, 2019.

The train will be operated by a consortium of seven private operators, with the Sydney-based firm Powertrain Power coming in as the first.

Ms Brejiskians comments come after a spate of public protests in recent months, with people expressing concerns about the environmental impact of trains running on coal-fired power stations and about the safety of the train drivers.

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