University of Utah electrical engineering professor who had tattoo removed says he was bullied by student

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A U.S. electrical engineering graduate student says he says he received a series of sexual and physical harassment at the University of Salt Lake over the course of a year.

“I was repeatedly asked to participate in sexual acts with male students in a very inappropriate manner,” said the University’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student, who requested anonymity due to his employment at the university.

“In some cases, they would even tell me that they would be more than happy to have sex with me if I agreed to have them,” he said.

In a statement to CBC News, U. Salt Lake University said: “This is an extremely upsetting incident and we are working with the student to learn more about the specifics of the case and have begun to interview the individuals involved.”

The university said the school is aware of the allegations and is conducting an internal investigation.

“We are committed to creating a welcoming and safe learning environment for all students and faculty members, including those who have disabilities,” the statement said.