What the Rutgers Electrical Engineering Department needs to do to become competitive

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Rutgers Electrical and Computer Engineering is among the top electrical engineering programs in the country, but its electrical engineering department has long been underperforming. 

This week, the university announced a $1.2 million upgrade to its electrical system that will allow for faster, more efficient installation and maintenance. 

The electrical engineering program’s electrical engineering director, Vikram Singh, said in a statement that the upgrades will “make a significant impact on the overall efficiency of our electrical system and enhance the quality of life for our students.” 

The university has previously said that the program has been “overperforming for some time” and the university expects the upgrade to bring an “economic benefit to our students, staff, and faculty.”

The $1 million upgrade will also allow the department to “increase our faculty members’ skills, improve our infrastructure, and increase our productivity.” 

For many students and faculty, the upgrade will be a relief from the university’s long-standing challenges with campus infrastructure. 

“The electricians’ union at Rutgers has been in the middle of a protracted dispute with the university,” The Washington Post wrote in 2017, citing a report from the union’s president. 

Rutgers University President Mary Sue Coleman responded by saying that “any student and faculty that work on campus should be able to live in a safe and secure environment without having to worry about a broken wall, or a fire or flood.”