What’s the deal with the “electric” part of Purdue’s name?

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The name Purdue University has been on a steady decline since the 1970s, and the name has always been somewhat controversial.

Now the school has decided to scrap it, in favor of something a bit more modern.

The university is going with the name “Boeing” and is hoping to boost its name recognition in the process.

As part of the transition, the university is changing its mascot to a bee.

The bee is a bee with the word “bee” in front of it.

The change is expected to take effect in 2019.

Purdue University said it was making the change to “recognize Purdue as a leader in the aerospace industry and to encourage more people to become engineers.”

The move comes after the university announced it was losing the name Purdue after all, saying that it was not interested in renewing the deal.