When Texas elects a Democrat, there will be a lot of red states in 2017

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The Texas Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a $1.8 billion package that will help Texans build the next generation of nuclear power plants.

The Texas Independent School District and the University of Texas System also support the bill.

The House approved the legislation in a vote of 217-213 and is expected to pass it by the end of the week.

Democrats have long pushed to increase the size of nuclear plants in the state and have been especially concerned about the safety of the plants.

In 2016, the nuclear plant at Six Flags Over Texas, which is located in the city of Waco, was the site of a deadly accident that killed 29 people.

A number of nuclear utilities in Texas have recently announced they will close or reduce their reactors in Texas because of climate change.

The nuclear power industry in Texas is now estimated to be worth $2.3 billion.

Democrats, who have controlled the statehouse since 2006, pushed the bill through the state legislature despite intense lobbying by environmental groups and a number of other business groups.

The bill, called the Texas Nuclear Infrastructure Reinvestment Act, would allocate $1 billion to the Texas Public Service Commission to begin construction on new nuclear power projects.

The new power plants would be located in Texas’ border state of Mexico.

The bill also provides a $400 million grant for the Texas Atomic Energy Commission, which will conduct a study of how to increase nuclear energy capacity in the Lone Star State.