Which Engineering Fields Are Most Likely to Get You an Engineering Degree?

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In order to get a better understanding of what engineering schools are really like, we contacted more than 100 engineering schools in the U.S. to find out if there’s a way to get an engineering degree.

This infographic outlines the most common engineering schools, the type of engineering school you’ll be studying, and the engineering majors you’ll want to choose from.1.

School Types and Degree OptionsIn order to determine which engineering schools will be the most appealing to you, you need to know the type and degree of engineering you’re interested in.

Here’s what we found:1.

Engineering Education Programs: Most schools offer some form of education and research that helps students hone their technical skills.

Most schools also offer courses on topics such as computer programming, electrical engineering and environmental engineering.2.

Engineering Programs: While there are several different types of engineering programs offered, we’ve grouped them by the number of degrees they offer.

Most engineering programs offer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a specific field.3.

Engineering Schools: The more options available in an engineering program, the more likely you’ll choose to go to an engineering school.

Here are some of the most popular schools:1, Engineering Engineering (Bachelor’s or Master’s)2, Engineering Technology (Master’s or Bachelor’s)3, Mechanical Engineering (Master or Bachelor)4, Applied Materials Engineering (Advanced Engineering)5, Manufacturing Engineering (Award Winning Engineering)6, Industrial Design (Awards Winning Engineering and Design)7, Computer Science (Achieving Excellence in Engineering)8, Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering and Technology)9, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Engineers Engineering)10, Computer Systems Engineering (Industrial Design, Engineering Management, and Engineering Development)11, Computer Graphics and Interactive Software (Industry Design, Electrical Design, and Industrial Design)12, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology(Advanced Technologies)13, Engineering Communication and Information Systems (Advanced Technologies and Engineering Management)14, Engineering Science (Engineers Technology and Engineering Education)15, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (Engineers Digital and Engineering Engineering)16, Aerospace Engineering (Engineering Technologies)17, Aerospace Science (Engineer Engineering)18, Computer Engineering Engineering(Engineering Technology)19, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science(Electrical & Computer Systems)20, Materials Engineering and Applied Materials(Materials Engineering)21, Aerospace Systems Engineering(Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)22, Aerospace Transportation and Logistics Engineering(Industrial Engineering and Transportation Engineering)23, Advanced Aerospace Engineering(Electronics Engineering)24, Aerospace Electronics and Communication Systems(Mechanics Engineering)25, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering(Automotive Engineering)26, Advanced Structural Engineering(Steel, Plastic, Aluminum, Polymers, and Other Materials Engineering)27, Aerospace & Marine Engineering(Hydraulic Engineering)28, Industrial Systems Engineering for Space Exploration (Engineers Space Exploration and Environmental Engineering)29, Space Systems Engineering Engineering for Planetary and Interstellar Exploration (Engineers Planetary and Space Exploration)30, Space Technologies Engineering for Earth and Planetary Exploration (Mechanically, Software, and Software Engineering)31, Engineering Systems Engineering: The engineering school that will help you learn how to apply the best technology to the most challenging problems.

Many engineering schools offer degrees in engineering science, which can help students master an area of expertise.

The schools with the most engineering programs are:1: School of Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1,800 students enrolled2: School, University College London, 2,300 students enrolled3: School at the University of Southern California, 890 students enrolled4: School by the University at Buffalo, 1-2,000 students enrolled5: School in the College of Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, 1.3-2.2 million students enrolled6: School University of Colorado, Boulder, 3,200 students enrolled7: School (formerly the University) of Southern Georgia, 2.8-3.1 million students currently enrolled8: School The College of New Jersey, 1 million students active in the program currently enrolled9: School Southwestern Illinois, 1 (current) students enrolled10: School and University of Georgia, 1-(current) enrolledStudents interested in engineering degrees in other disciplines are encouraged to visit our list of engineering majors.