Which U.S. college is best for engineers?

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The most prestigious engineering school in the United States can be an expensive one.

But there’s a new and promising option that could make the process more affordable and accessible for students: the electric-powered aircraft.

The U.K.-based engineering firm BAE Systems is offering to fly students to New Zealand to teach them to build and operate small, electric aircraft.

A company called Aeon Aero plans to launch the first students this summer, which would put the program in the same league as the highly successful and much more affordable flight-testing program called the Aeronautics and Astronautics program.

The program teaches students to fly and test commercial aircraft in both the U.A.E. and in New Zealand.

Aeon, which is based in Milton Keynes, England, has already flown its students to Australia and China, but its next test flight, scheduled for July 30, will be the first of more than a dozen in New York, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

In addition to the flights, Aeon is offering a host of other perks to students, including flight vouchers, private lessons and a chance to learn from the company’s own engineers and fly some of its own test models.

“We are proud to be able to bring students to the United Kingdom for this first pilot program,” said Richard Wilson, president of Aeon.

“It is exciting to have a student team in New England who are learning to build small, lightweight aircraft that can be flown by students in the U