Why Tesla electric car won’t work with the iPhone 7 Plus

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Tesla’s electric car is getting a little tougher to play with on the iPhone.

The iPhone 7’s touchscreen has been a problem for many users, and it has even made it more difficult to use the car in some situations.

But the company says it is working on a solution that would let users tap the screen while driving.

That would mean that the car would start and stop using a special mode on the device, but that would only work with one iPhone.

Apple is already working on similar tech to make the iPhone more comfortable to use.

For instance, it’s working on an option that lets users use their hands to touch the screen with their thumb.

This would allow them to move the phone while driving, as opposed to just using the touchscreen to do so.

Apple’s plan for a Touch ID-based system is a bit more ambitious.

It would work with any iOS device that has an accelerometer and gyroscope, which lets it measure your hand’s orientation and orientation of your body in space.

So, for instance, you could be driving on a highway and the car will know you’re in a 90-degree angle and your hands would need to be pointing down and pointing up.

Apple said it plans to make this technology available for a variety of devices in the coming months, including the iPhone X and a new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.